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September 2017 Community Commitment Daily Words




Replace -Removing something that you no longer want or have a need for in your life. That something could be the role you play in a personal relationship or a position that you may have at work. To complete this change or action does not mean you were in a negative situation, but it does mean that you are ready for a new start. Replace is defined as Trusting Your Destiny. NLB


Plan -To have one can brighten your day. It is the sense of direction that can give hope. It is the setting of a goal and the anticipation completion. Plan is defined as Believing in Yourself. NLB




Choice -It is the way we live our daily lives. With it we learn what we stand for, or accept what our families have told us we will stand for. It is the inevitable reaping of what you have sown. It can bring glory, pride, and loss; but it can also bring freedom. Choice is defined as The Planting of Your Own Seed. NLB




Old -It can be used to describe how you feel even when you are young. It can tell the story of a book thoroughly used or a way of thinking that attempts to hinder progress. It can describe those persons in our lives that deserve our utmost care and respect. Old is defined as The Paved Path. NLB


Happy -The feeling in your belly that bubbles up as laughter. The smile on your face that shows to much of your gum line. The glow that surrounds you even when the day has been long. Happy is defined as Your Love of Self! NLB






Soul -It is our core, our center, it is not good or bad. We know what is in it and we believe it. Soul is an expression of self to self. Soul is defined as Personal Truth. NLB


Quiet -It can be nice, and some may even say peaceful. It can be used to comfort us or to hide our fears. Only you can determine if you will use it or be used because of it. Quiet is defined as Decision Time. NLB


Birthday -It can be the day we entered into the physical world. For some, it is a reminder of their new start, or their release from negative addictions. Hopefully it can be a day of joy and peace; a day to make memorable memories. Birthday is defined as A Celebration of Time. NLB






Weight -The mirror of body and health. The results of our inner peace, and sometimes the coping mechanism we use for life stressors. Weight is defined as Need. NLB


Remember -It is like a clap of thunder in your chest. It's beating in your head and beating outside of your heart. You begin to cry, it brings up the hurt, the loss, and the pain of those gone by who missed it. If you don't try to get a hold of how important it is, you may lose control. It is understanding the culmination of a Louisiana man's dream. Remember is defined as Superbowl XLIV. NLB




Capture -I like the way it sounds when pronounced correctly. It can be defined as the taking of something, a loss of individual control. This loss can be by force or by will. It can be the way we capture the essence of a character in a movie or play, or the way young men of color are captured on the streets by drugs and any other illegal outlets. Capture is defined as The Forgotten Promise of Our Founding Fathers. NLB

























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