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November 2017 Community Commitment Daily Words




Trust -The release of your personal anxieties. It is no longer about hope but accepting that there is only when, it is love, not just received from someone else, but love of self and your capabilities. Trust is defined as Believing in God. NLB


Power -Bold strength of the mind and body that can be used to educate or inspire. The way you use it will ultimately determine yourself worth. Power is defined as Desire. NLB


Walk -Each day most of us do this with faith and no afterthought. We trust our bodies to obey the instruction of our mind. In order to succeed, we must recognize the power of each step we take and the lives that we change along the way. Walk is defined as Journey of Life. NLB


Replace -Removing something that you no longer want or have a need for in your life. That something could be the role you play in a personal relationship or a position that you may have at work. To complete this change or action does not mean you were in a negative situation, but it does mean that you are ready for a new start. Replace is defined as Trusting Your Destiny. NLB


Beauty -Not just dependent on our genes, but born out of our nurtured heart. It sees pain and attempts to sooth. It needs no friend, but champions many. It carries the injustice of past years and it smiles even though there are tears. It has strength, hope, and courage without jealous fight. Beauty is defined as Inner Peace. NLB


Happy -The feeling in your belly that bubbles up as laughter. The smile on your face that shows to much of your gum line. The glow that surrounds you even when the day has been long. Happy is defined as Your Love of Self! NLB








Weeping -An action used to express pain or sorrow. The sound of it can tear at your heart. Those we know as friends attempt to provide consolation as we accept our immediate reality. Some will pray, or say goodbye to the past, in order to get up and begin a new. Weeping is defined as A Necessary Step to Begin Your New Life. NLB


PoBoy -The bread crisp, the ham sweet, the shrimp crunchy, the taste unbelievable, but oooh soo New Orleans! When I get ready to eat one, my mouth does not water like Wendy Williams when she's ready to over indulge in some strange concoction.... But, what does happen is my heart sings and I remember family, friends and good times in high school on the floor at RC's house. PoBoy is defined a A Little Girl's Lasting Memory of Times Well Spent on the Banks of the Mississippi. NLB


Wind -It blows on our face, we feel its power, and we hope it is accompanied with warmth and sunshine. The reality is that sometimes the power of it can destroy or change lives for ever. Wind is defined as New Doors with No Locks. NLB




Leader -The word is a description of a person or animal. That person or animal can be male or female. The word implies that the ability to inspire or persuade others exist within that person. This ability can be used positively or negatively. Leader is defined as A Path Maker. NLB


Reality - We all must work if we want to achieve in life. What type of work we do is determined by our education or life choices that are made when we are young. Reality is defined as Waking Up Early, Even on the Holidays. NLB


Try -It is not always perfect and the outcome is not always what we expect. It means never failing. It means we still can hope. It is something we tell our children they should always do. Try is defined as A New Start. NLB





























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