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Biography of Nicole L Bouie, LMSW Executive Director and current Community Commitment Team Members

Nicole Bouie, LMSW Executive Director

Nicole L. Bouie is a native of New Orleans. As a child she attended public schools. After high school she attended Louisiana State University where she received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work. During her time in Baton Rouge, Nicole performed an integral part in the development of a new program called Volunteens, sponsored by the Volunteer Baton Rouge Agency. The programs goal was to introduce and educate the youth of Baton Rouge about the importance of volunteerism.  Nicole worked with this program for two years and believes that her time in Baton Rouge only strengthened her quest to enrich the lives of children and families in the New Orleans area.

Immediately after graduation, Nicole returned to New Orleans and began working with the Office of Community Service, also known as child protection. During her years at OCS she earned a commendation from the city of New Orleans and was awarded the prestigious honor of Foster Care Worker of the Year. After leaving the OCS office, Nicole then moved on to work with the New Orleans Public School system as a School Social Work Specialist. Working within the New Orleans Public Schools as a school based social worker allowed Nicole to service the needs of many in a very impoverished ninth ward neighborhood.  Nicole worked with New Orleans Public School system until the district was forever changed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.     

Immediately after Hurricane Katrina, Nicole began working on the development of what is now known as the Priestley School of Architecture and Construction and the rejuvenation of the Carrollton United Neighborhood Association.  The development of the school was based on the need to reduce blithe and to educate the over aged nontraditional students. As a member of the neighborhood association, Nicole's function was to communicate to the elders how the imminent changes as a result of Hurricane Katrina would affect their area.

Nicole began working for the American Red Cross as a Hurricane Recovery Worker.  During that time, Nicole worked with many persons in several parishes who had enormous needs without the ability to obtain the proper resources to regain or maintain their lives.  It was at that time that the idea of the Community Commitment agency was born. Nicole began servicing persons in the community with her knowledge and personal funds.  Nicole completed the certified training at Southern University of New Orleans, Treating Children with Post Traumatic Stress. Nicole has also been trained to work with the Aggression Replacement Therapy system, and has become certified as a Second Step Behavior Modification Trainer of Trainers.  Nicole has worked with the Mercy Family Center to provide services in the schools with the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Training System, CBITS, and has been trained by the Save the Children agency to complete the Journey of Hope social skills training groups within the elementary, adolescent, and administrative settings at schools.It is with this foundation that Nicole L Bouie, through the Community Commitment agency, will successfully serve the New Orleans Community.

The Community Commitment Education Center Team Consists of: CCEC Board President - Nicole Bouie, Ursula Randle-Vice President, Antonio Condley- Board Member, Beverly Nichols-Board Member, Sumner "Bill" Ives-Board Member, Collin Gros-Board Member, Carolyn Reeves-Davis-Board Member.

The CCEC Advisory Board consists of: Duaine Daniels, Beverly Collins, and Liande Waine.

CCEC Volunteers/Staff - Cindy Ives, Angela Mason, Delores Thomas, Ollie Johnson - Community Liaison, Stella Bouie, Angela Mason - Volunteers

Local University and Student Interns: Christal Hill.

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