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April 2019 Community Commitment Daily Words






Study -Babies must to do it upon arrival into the world. When we are children we should do it to insure a true grasp of the knowledge being presented to us in and out of school. As adults we use the skill to assess the behavior of people and our relationships with them. If we do the task well, and what we have learned stays consistent, we find that only more of it is needed to succeed in life. Study is defined as A Habitually Never Ending Quest. NLB


Renew -It is nice way of saying we know something is wrong and we want to try and fix it. We want to seal the crack or tear down the wall to build a new. It means we still have hope and we acknowledge a need for change. Renew is defined as Accepting that, Staying "In Love" takes Constant Work. NLB


Family - They can define us even if we don’t like the story being told. Our experiences with them shape our tomorrows. Our care of them shows how much we have grown. Our need for them tells if we have learned the importance of sharing. Family is defined as Your Strength. NLB








Birthday -It can be the day we entered into the physical world. For some, it is a reminder of their new start, or their release from negative addictions. Hopefully it can be a day of joy and peace; a day to make memorable memories. Birthday is defined as A Celebration of Time. NLB


Lesson -These things are taught in the arena of life and in the classrooms of our world. We benefit from them with every step we take. We must know ourselves and acknowledge our needs to get the most out of what we have learned in the classroom of life. Lesson is defined as Wisdom. NLB






Compassion -Necessary to sustain a healthy and productive community. It recognizes that one is no greater than the other, and that our only differences are the gifts we were given before we were born. We need it to forgive. We need it to grow. Compassion is defined as The Ear of Understanding. NLB








Village - Some say it takes one to raise a child. We also look to it for our safety. We hope that within it, a child will discover the beauty of an education, the hopes for a prosperous tomorrow, and a faith to develop their moral fiber. Village is defined as Food for the Hungry. NLB


Eyeglass -When determined weak, they sharpen what I believe is the most important of our five senses, eyesight. They help us see a brighter tomorrow or alert us to dangers right in front of face. We use them as fashion or to make a status distinction. Ironically, they need us to have purpose or any level of strength. Eyeglasses are defined as The Tool That Helps Us Develop Insight into the Many Spectacles of Life. NLB


Brain -For me it is synonymous to the sun; for the computer geek it is the CPU. With a little prompting from god “the heart,” it wakes us up in the morning. It dictates the kind of day we will have, cloudy or full of sunshine. It remembers to do what we think just comes natural. Brain is defined as Our 2nd Best Friend. NLB






Weeping - An action used to express pain or sorrow. The sound of it can tear at your heart. Those we know as friends attempt to provide consolation as we accept our immediate reality. Some will pray, or say goodbye to the past, in order to get up and begin a new. Weeping is defined as A Necessary Step to Begin to Live Your New Life. NLB


Sunrise - Sometimes it takes sooooo long to come. It is the anticipated breakup of the silent night. It hints at a new relationship with its dark shades of blue and then suddenly its rays shine all over you. It is the beginning of a new day, a fresh start; tomorrow has come. Sunrise is defined as Christmas for a Dreamer. NLB

















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