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June 2019 Community Commitment Daily Words




Courage -The strength to walk alone and the power to stay positive through adversity. To know that every step you take will not be perfect, but each step is necessary. Courage is defined Through Our Mothers. NLB


Security - Is it provided by the police? Do we find it in our financial portfolio? Or are we given the sense of it when we choose to believe in a power greater than us? Everyone has a goal, their own set of needs and wants, and when they are fulfilled that sense of the word is achieved. Security is defined as Balancing the Budget of Your Life. NLB


Compassion -Necessary to sustain a healthy and productive community. It recognizes that one is no greater than the other, and that our only differences are the gifts we were given before we were born. We need it to forgive. We need it to grow. Compassion is defined as The Ear of Understanding. NLB


Fellowship -Some say it is a gathering of those who are of like minds and views. It can be done to be around those whom we label popular or materialistically successful. Hopefully, it can become a time to teach, learn, embrace, and even erase past pains. Fellowship is defined as An Expectation. NLB


Guidance -Accepting that you don’t know it all, and that sometimes a different view could be just what you need. Guidance is defined as The Village. NLB


America -To build it an education was needed. To sustain it, an equal education for all can no longer be denied. It was birthed out of a sense of courage and pride. It demanded freedom while placing others in chains. To live without it unthinkable, to deny loving it is an untruth. America is defined as Strategic. NLB


Inspiration -It can be a bold shape or color; the reason to write. It can be what we look for in a leader. It is what we want to become to those around us. It’s the need, or hunger that acknowledges our past and brings hope for our tomorrow. Inspiration is defined as Wanting. NLB


Eggshell -They are white or brown, and they crunch, crumble, and crack. To get to the good inside of them, they don’t have to break evenly or have the perfect color. Some people use the eggshell to represent the fragility of their lives; while others use the eggshell as an analogy to represent the importance of the good found on the inside once the time is taken to crack and crumble what’s on the outside. Eggshell is defined as People Looking Past the Caramelized Sugar on Top of the Creme Brule. NLB


Release -Sometimes it is hard to say the word or even complete the action. But, each day that we awake, we must make a choice. We decide to hold on to negativity or to improve our mental standing in life by letting go. We acknowledge the heartache and pain of yesterday, but we focus on our past positives and the work that is needed to create future positives. Release is defined as Climbing Over the Mountain. NLB


Music -It can be beautiful. The different types can tell many different stories. It is amazing how it can comfort us on the right day at the right hour during the moment of need. More importantly it is needed for the dance we call living. Music is defined as Support for the Soul. NLB


River -Described in many great books as the source of life and used in the olden days to cleans our souls. It flows through our earth and shapes the paths we must follow. The smell of it can open your mind and awaken the child inside. It has a deceiving power, its strength unknown, immeasurable, and calm. River is defined as The Blood of Man. NLB


Evening -Quiet time used by all to evaluate the accomplishments of the day. It can be a time used to think and be thankful for friends and family, or it can be time used to celebrate the wind of change. Only you can determine if your evening remains cloudy or full of bright stars. Evening is defined as A Time of Reflection Before a New Day. NLB


Prayer -How do you know it works? When is it time to ask for that most important thing that's needed, "at the moment". Is there a right or wrong way to do it? I don't think so... I believe the basic fundamental is faith! Prayer is defined as Acceptance of a Peace Giving Gift. NLB




Male -When I say the word my nose opens and I smile at the good stench. He is instinctive; he is a hunter who has been hunted in many different ways throughout the years. Even when his body is weakened by time or hard work, he remains strong with the use of his mind. Male is defined as Driven, Provider and Necessary Leader. NLB


Sunrise -Sometimes it takes soooo long to come. It is the anticipated breakup of the silent night. It hints at a new relationship with its dark shades of blue and then suddenly its rays shine all over you. It is the beginning of a new day, a fresh start; tomorrow has come. Sunrise is defined as Christmas for a Dreamer. NLB


Walk -Each day most of us do this with faith and no afterthought. We trust our bodies to obey the instruction of our mind. In order to succeed, we must recognize the power of each step we take and the lives that we change along the way. Walk is defined as The Journey of Life. NLB



























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