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Dear Community Partner,

My name is Nicole L. Bouie and I am the CEO/Director of the Community Commitment agency, and we are a for profit agency.  As you read our agency mission it introduces you to the basic fundamentals of Community Commitment. My hope is that once you have read about our agency you will want to become what I call a “Community Partner.”

As a member of the New Orleans community you are aware of the increased crime rate in our city.  We, at Community Commitment, believe that the elevated crime rate is a direct result of low academic achievement, and the inability of some persons to connect to the appropriate resources that can assist them in achieving their life goals.  Community Commitment offers short term case management and community advocacy services for those persons. Our goal is to service at least 50 to 75 clients per week through social skills training sessions, tutoring, and to assist the eligible client with monetary funding on an emergency basis. The monetary funds, when available, would be used to assistance with rental deposits, avoid home evictions, and prevent utility disconnections. With the Community Commitment website, we strive to inspire thousands on a daily basis with what we call the "Word of the Day." The word of the day is currently used to attract persons to the website. Once on the website, anyone can view our activities and Community Partners. The website serves as the major funding resource for the Community Commitment agency and the people we serve. 

All services that are provided by the Community Commitment agency are free of charge to our identified client. The Community Commitment agency has contracted with volunteers who will provide tutoring services and basic computer skills training sessions to clients.  These professionals have been guaranteed a small travel stipend to thank them for their time and commitment.  All social skills training sessions will be conducted by me, Nicole L Bouie MSW, GSW. Those clients requesting financial assistance will contact the agency by phone and meet with a Community Commitment representative at the agency.  Any client requesting financial assistance must bring written proof of their economic hardship. Financial request may be as low as $50 dollars, but no higher than $300 dollars.  

It is at this point that your role is crucial; every “Community Partner” can make a positive and distinct contribution to the New Orleans community through advertisement. When advertisement space is purchased to be placed on the Community Commitment website, 50 percent of those funds will be used to provide services to the needy families of the New Orleans area.  Initially, I am asking that your business or agency purchase the basic advertisement package of $300 dollars. This amount will allow your agency’s name and purpose to be viewed by all who connect with our website for three months.  If you desire to become a “Major Community Partner” a meeting will be arranged to discuss your needed commitment. Once the advertisement space has been purchased no refunds will be available due to a percentage of the funds being allocated to the needs of our clients and the service providers. Community Commitment will have final approval of all advertisement content placed on the website.

All clients of the Community Commitment agency will be asked to complete a survey before they receive services, and those same clients will be asked to complete a survey once their identified need has been met. It is at that time that information about the websites effectiveness and its “Community Partners” will be addressed. The results of the surveys will be shared on a quarterly basis.

The goal of the Community Commitment agency is to connect its clients with the appropriate and available resources within the city of the New Orleans. We guarantee our clients that they will receive professional services from individuals who want to support them as they make positive changes in their lives.

I believe that once you have read this letter, viewed our site, and looked at our calendar of events you have mentally invested in changing our community. When your business or agency is ready to become a “Community Commitment Partner,” please contact me at the number listed below.

Nicole L. Bouie, LMSW,

To make a difference in your community, “Just Start With Hello!” 

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